Canron Juniour Tamper

Rebuilt and ready to work on the job, a Canron Juniour Tamper. Great as a chase tamper in any sized job.

2006 Sterling Hi-railed Grapple truck.

2006 Sterling hi-rail (DMF) grapple; CAT C7 engine; mag/gen set;
floating axle; DMF hi-rails; air brake equipped rail trailer; Built
Rite loader with grapple; Truck has 128,000 miles with a lot of life
left in it.

Interested, email, leave a message or call us for price, additional photos and location for inspection.

1991 TKO tie remover and inserter in good running order.

Here is a strong hard working machine capable of working on any production tie inserter/extraction job. Built tough, it has been proven to be the machine for those hard production jobs.
Available now, call, leave a message or email us for prices, location and additional photos.

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition and ready to be put out on your job.
The TR-10, built by Fairmont is the result of Fairmont looking to put a production tie inserter/extractor out for the industry and coming up with one of the best ever.
A strong machine, it is capable of working high production tie jobs. Due to the versatility developed by Fairmont it can extract and insert ties from either side of the track so curves with close banks won’t slow it down
Additional photos available. Call, leave a message or email us for prices, photos and location for insmpection

Grabber double sided spike puller

Have available 2010 Nordco “Grabber”; pull spikes both sides of rail. An easy machine to operate, service and move. Uses two men to pull the spikes from both sides of the rail at the same time. Powered by a small diesel engine these machines get the spike pulling job done!
Additional photos available. Call or email for pricing and where to inspect.

Mk-III Model: ECTR, a good working machine

4-wheel drive, combo clamp, graph table, light buggies.
Ready to go to work.
Model: ECTR 10070
Serial number: 35995911
Weight: 62,000#

Reasonably priced and ready to go to work. A proven denpendable machine and parts are readily available. Truck and drive on drive off trailer available with it as well.

Hi-Railed Gang truck

2005 F550 – 4×4, crew cab, automatic, diesel, Rafna 290 railgear, 12′ flatbed with gate, – 101,300 miles. $31,000.

Inspection Truck

2003 Ford F350 – 4×4, crew Cab; Diesel motor; 8′ box; Harsco railgear; manual front; hydraulic rear. 157,711 miles

Custom 18’ Tie & Rail Carts

40,000 lb. axles; 70,000 lb. axles; Insulated / non-insulated wheels; Solid AR400 steel floors; Front & Rear pintel hitches; Air brakes, one or both axles; With or without lights; Approximate weight, 5000 lbs.  

2005 Sterling Lt 9513 Rotary Dump with hi-rail

2005 Sterling LT9513 – 450HP, MBE engine, 20,000 lb front axle, 40,000 rear axle, 8LL trans, double frame, 167,000 miles, 14′ Lanau hard steel body, Rafna rail gear, New rotary system, manual rail dogs, all equipment is new.