Spiker and Rail Pullers

Ingersoll-Rand Air Spiker Spiker and Rail Puller(nearly new) and Simplex Rail Pullers. Also lots of track tools. Also have Racine Rail Saw and some Track Drills.

Ballast Regulator

Ballast Regulator  BEB-17  Has Detroit engine, and hydraulic wings. Good running condition.Ballast Regulator  BEB-17

Track Horses

Two Modern Track Machinery Track Horses with diesel motors and two power outlets. Self propelled track machines with electric and hydraulic circuits to run tools.739s trackhorse_05_21_14 (2)

Tie Exchanger

Geismar Tie Exchanger. Uses a portable power pack for the hydraulics. Easy to move and use. Power pack not included.Tie Exchanger

Rail Lifter

Geismar RVD Rail Lifter/Shifter Capable of lifting the rail two feet and moving it to either side in six inch increments. Rebuilt, in good condition and a new gas engine. Ready to work.

Rail LifterRail Lifter

Car Mover

7 TM Car Mover. Reconditioned December 2013, new glass as needed, 2 near new drive tires, replaced 1 brake wheel cylinder, seat reupholstered. Has John Deere 4.5L diesel and turbo, very good. Air compressor near new. Air system, brakes renewed and tested. Transmission very good. Rated Tractive Effort: 18,000 pounds.7TM Car Mover

Car Mover

Rail King Car Mover1994 Rail king Car Mover  SS4400 John Deere Diesel with 1573 hours since rebuild, 10,379 hours on frame. Steel wheels were replaced on 11-5-2008. Transmission was rebuilt in 2003. Tractive Effort is 28,000 pounds, (44,000 pounds with both couplers).