Ballast Tamper

Ballast TamperMark I Ballast Tamper with 453 Detroit engine. No liner, no torsion beam. Fair condition.

Tie Changer

Tie ChangerGeismar Tie Changer model MRT with Hatz diesel engine and hi-rail.

Rotary Dump Truck

1980 GMC Rotary Dump Truck with hi-rails. Has 3208 diesel engine and 13 speed transmission. Good condition.Rotary Dump Truck

Ballast Regulator

26-2-2Kershaw Ballast Regulator with 453 Detroit engine and turntable. Good condition.Ballast Regulator


SpeedswingPettibone Speedswing Model # 442CM with 453 Detroit engine, high rail. Fair condition.


Ballast Regulator

Ballast Regulator26-2-1 Kershaw Ballast Regulator with 353 Detroit engine. Turntable, new starter, new N50 fuel injector. Fair condition.

Ballast Tamper

Jackson 2400 Ballast Tamper. Good running Detroit engine. Comes with trailer(rails mounted), no jacks. Does do switches.Ballast Tamper

Ballast Regulator

Kershaw 26-2 Ballast Regulator. 4 wheel drive with turntable. Good condition.

Ballast Regulator


Trailer2006 XL Specialized tri-axle mechanical detach Lowboy Trailer.50 ton capacity with 36 foot flip neck with brackets, air, electrical main deck: 28’5″   long loaded deck, height: 24 foot with 8 foot ground clearance, 9 swing out outriggers. Rear deck 9’61/2″ long. Air suspension 541/2 foot flip axle.

Drill Rigs

Four Drill Rigs. Units were working up until they were stacked 2-21/2 years ago.


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