68 Asphalt Cars available.

68 Asphalt cars currently available. 23,500 gallons, exterior coiled and insulated.
built 1977 by Richmond Tank, 263k GWR
45 cars with current tank test dates, 20 cars needing tank tests.

Flat deck rail cars

Have a contractor in the North west looking for prices on one or two flat decks for a construction job. He would like some thing close to Washington.

Lattice booms with hose reels

We have a customer looking for two lattice booms with hose reels for Pettibone 441 speed swings

9 TM TrackMobile car mover.

A proven car mover for the heavy work, a 9TM available now and at an excellent buyers price.
Excellent running condition; dual couplers; train air; sand displacement; Rebuilt Detroit 4-53. Hours: 4,685.

Fairmont W-113 Spike puller

A proven machine, reliable and hard working for pulling spikes from both side of a single rail. Great for small jobs, it can be reversed to go back over the same length of track and pull the spike from the other rail. This machine is priced to sell!

Pettibone 441-B Hi-railed Speed Swing

Pettibone 441-B

Pettibone 441-B Speedswing available Now at Savings. A proven machine for handling all kinds of items and equipment, this is a machine that has been kept in very good condition. Priced for immediate sale, call for some real savings

Big Savings on TKO Tie Inserters

We currently have a glut of TKO production tie inserter/removers. So we can offer some real savings onto you if you need a good production machine, well proven and workable. This machine and another were recently on a job and between them put in 1,000 ties in a day. This won’t last so call or email soon.

Nordberg Grabber

A proven machine for pulling spikes from ties. A two man machine that can pull spikes from each sides of both rails without turning around and coming back. Powered by a air cooled diesel enging the Grabber has been around a long time and has shown it’s worth.

RMC Hurricane Snowblower

RMC Hurricane jet snow blower. A proven way to get snow off of tracks and switches. Powered by a diesel engine it uses a jet engine to deliver a hot stream of air to blow off and melt the snow and ice on the track. Just turned over to us it was used by a Major Class One last year in Wisconsin and is available to go to work for you Now!

2014 Shuttlewagon SWX420 S/N: 42014125 Hours: 564

The Commander series Shuttlewagon® defines railcar switching operations for today’s needs. Powerful, versatile, and dependable, it incorporates the most advanced technologies available to ensure that safety and reliability are never compromised.
Standard Features: • ABS vehicle brakes • Anti-slip traction control (on-rail operation) • CAN-Bus electrical system • 90 gallon fuel tank • 30 gallon air reservoir • Tinted cabin glass • Door mounted windshield wipers • Non-slip cushioned floor mat • Engine diagnostics adapter in console • High-Visibility powder coated hand rails
Condition: • Frame/Cab in great condition • Controls fully operational • Rail guide wheels like new • Tires like new – 98% tread • Drive components in good condition