Grove RTR58D Crane. Has been very well maintained, purchased from Dupont. Has steel railroad wheels. Only 4000 hours.(739)

Grove Crane

Grove Crane

Dump Truck

Hi-Rail Dump TruckHi-Railed Dump Truck. Chevrolet C-6500  Cat Diesel  Hydraulic Harsco Hi-Rail Nice and clean 6 brand new tires.  Great Condition

Hydraulic Power Pack

Two Stanley Hydraulic Power Units.

2002 model, serial # 20290. 19.9 hours on meter.

1998 model with handles and wheels, serial # 98035.  65.9 hours on meter.

Stanley Hydraulic Power Units

Stanley Hydraulic Power Units


2001 Geismar 360 Excavator, Hydraulic with hi-rail. 34 foot articulated ditching bucket.

Geismar 360 Excavator

Geismar 360 Excavator

Spike/ Anchor Loader

Holley 65 Spike/Anchor Loader  Model 65  S/N 419  52 inch Magnetic Wheel, Conveyor and Cart

Tie Plate Broom

Harsco Tie Plate Broom  Model RMC-310   S/N  256995  6100 Hours Duetz Diesel