Time to retire. Having reached an age where I want some free time I have decided to retire. If anyone is interested in taking over the company please contact me. Other wise, please do not call Jim White or myself as we are now offically retired.


SW-1500s, a proven yard engine, will be available soon.


Rail Lifter

Another proven machine.  Kershaw rail lifter, Model 20-3; Deutz diesel engine.  Photos available soon.

Rail Lifter

Geismar RV-100D track lifting and shifting machine.  Good working machine,  Photos comeing,

Sales Person wanted.

I would like to tell everyone that my long time friend and sales partner Jim White has decided to retire and enjoy life.  I’ll miss Jim, he is a Great Guy and leaves a major vacancy.

There is an immediate opening for a sales person who has knowledge and experience in maintenance of way equipment.  Call or email Bob Young.

Mk-IV tamper ready to work.

Harsco Mk-IV ballast tamper, a proven machine for production tamping.  In good working conditions and available now.

Kershaw 44-1 rotary scarifier

We are now offering a Kershaw 44-1 rotary scarifier,  A proven powerfull machine that will scarify between ties between the rail or with the outer blades turned down out side the rail as well.  It is available after being put through the shop, painted and gone completely through or “as is!”

Completely Rebuilt 6700 big cab ballast tamper

This machine is currently going tru the shop and will be available soon.  It will have been completely gone thru and ready to do your production tamping.  Available for inspection

Giesmar MRT tie inserter

A still good vintage machine surplused by a major US railroad and used for a short time by a contractor.  This machine is capable of extracting and inserting up to 500 ties in a day under excellent conditions.  Also has rubber tired wheels for walking it off the track at crossings.  Can be purchased as part of a package of three items or bought by itself.

Kershaw 26-2 ballast regulator.

1980s Kerhsaw 26-2 ballast regulator available now.  Still has a lot of life left in it.  Can be purchased by itself or in a package.