Jackson 2300 Vibratory Tamper with Jacks

Jackson 2300 Vibratory Tamper with jacks. Comes with spare parts. Good working condition. (01)Jackson_2300_Tamper,_Nucor_007


2001 Nordco Spiker, model 99c, has recently undergone extensive refurbishing and repainting. Lots of parts replaced. (00)SpikerNordco Spiker


Grove RTR58D Crane. Has been very well maintained, purchased from Dupont. Has steel railroad wheels. Only 4000 hours.(739)

Grove Crane

Grove Crane

Dump Truck

Hi-Rail Dump TruckHi-Railed Dump Truck. Chevrolet C-6500  Cat Diesel  Hydraulic Harsco Hi-Rail Nice and clean 6 brand new tires.  Great Condition

Hydraulic Power Pack

Two Stanley Hydraulic Power Units.

2002 model, serial # 20290. 19.9 hours on meter.

1998 model with handles and wheels, serial # 98035.  65.9 hours on meter.

Stanley Hydraulic Power Units

Stanley Hydraulic Power Units


2001 Geismar 360 Excavator, Hydraulic with hi-rail. 34 foot articulated ditching bucket.

Geismar 360 Excavator

Geismar 360 Excavator

Spike/ Anchor Loader

Holley 65 Spike/Anchor Loader  Model 65  S/N 419  52 inch Magnetic Wheel, Conveyor and Cart