About Bob

Started Western Railway Equipment Services in 1996 with just a few items and watched it grow into one of the major sources of affordable track equipment in the US. I took a leave from the company in 2012 but now, September 2017 I am back and ready to make some major changes in the way the company has been run in my absence. So look for changes and let me know what you think of them.

Rail detecting 2008 RTI-8000SX mounted in a 2007 Chevy 4×4

2007 Chevy Silverado 4 x 4 _ S.N. 1GCHK23U37F103993.  With rail detecting  2008 RTI-8000SX Hardware and Software.   The RTI-8000SX  Is a highly specialized equipment that analyzes rails and welds (either field or plant welds) for the detection of flaws through ultrasonic techniques.  Ultrasound enables non destructive testing to identify and evaluate external and internal defects of materials without damaging them. In addition, the RTI-8000SX has the latest Australian 4th generation technology developed by Rail Technology International (RTI).

TS-30 Harsco Track Stabilizer.

Track Stabilizer (TS-30)  In Excellent Condition and available now.

2002 Harsco Rail’s Track Stabilizer, Model TS-30.  Rehabbed in 2007 and used very little since then.   Stabilizes the track by inserting controlled and accurate force directly into the track structure. The operator has the ability to set the desired down-feed pressure for each rail and the machine maintains that constant pressure until the operator changes it.

W-96E3-35 dual spiker

HTT W-96E3-35 Spiker.  A proven machine that has been around for a long time and just improved and made better over the years.  Nippers, dual spikers to do both sides of the rails.  Three man crew, one spike feeder and two operators.  This machine is just coming off a job and will be sent tru the shop and available for sale after. 


2018 Ford F750 Crew Cab with Stellar 12621 Telescopic Crane

2018 Ford F750 – Crew Cab; Ford Diesel motor; Automatic Transmission; 12,000 front axle; 21,000 Rear axle; Spring suspension; Stellar TMAX2-11’ V2 Crane body; Stellar 12621 Telescopic crane – 77,800 ft/lb; Rated 12,000 lb max capacity – @ 21’, fully hydraulic reach; Proportional radio remote control’

2018 Freightliner with Hiab 244 knuckleboom behind cab

2018 Freightliner 108SD – Crew Cab; Cummins ISL engine 380 HP 1250 ft/lb; RTO-14908LL Transmission; 18/40 lb axles; Double frame; 5 person seating; Hiab 244 knuckle crane, 19,180 lb’s @ 8’2”, 4,630 lb’s @ 33’6”; 20’6” steel bed with removable stakes and boards; DMF 1630 insulated rail gear; 40 ton pintel hitch