Nordberg Grabber

A proven machine for pulling spikes from ties. A two man machine that can pull spikes from each sides of both rails without turning around and coming back. Powered by a air cooled diesel enging the Grabber has been around a long time and has shown it’s worth.

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition. A proven reliable tie inserter/extractor it has the versatility to pull or insert ties from either side of the track. Nippers to snug the ties up and easy to use joys sticks make this a preiemer spiker. This machine is ready to work and get your job done.
Additional photos available. Call for pricing and location for inspection.

Grabber double sided spike puller

Have available 2010 Nordco “Grabber”; pull spikes both sides of rail. An easy machine to operate, service and move. Uses two men to pull the spikes from both sides of the rail at the same time. Powered by a small diesel engine these machines get the spike pulling job done!
Additional photos available. Call or email for pricing and where to inspect.