PortaCo Power Pack

Model G-21D55-53-S, Dual hosed, 21hp, rated at 10gpm and gas fueled.
HTMA flat faced couplers included
Large capacity hydraulic cooler to enhance operator comfort and extend power unit life
Fuel level gauge
Hour meter
Electric start
Self-contained hose reel
Lockable control panel cover
Roll over protection frame
Lifting points
The right power unit for those jobs where you will be using hand tools on or off the track.

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition

1997 TR-10 all updated, very good condition and ready to be put out on your job.
The TR-10, built by Fairmont is the result of Fairmont looking to put a production tie inserter/extractor out for the industry and coming up with one of the best ever.
A strong machine, it is capable of working high production tie jobs. Due to the versatility developed by Fairmont it can extract and insert ties from either side of the track so curves with close banks won’t slow it down
Additional photos available. Call, leave a message or email us for prices, photos and location for insmpection

Custom 18’ Tie & Rail Carts

40,000 lb. axles; 70,000 lb. axles; Insulated / non-insulated wheels; Solid AR400 steel floors; Front & Rear pintel hitches; Air brakes, one or both axles; With or without lights; Approximate weight, 5000 lbs.  

Switchmaster 9000 car mover

1980 SWITCHMASTER 9000   Priced to Sell!

Hercules LP gas; Double coupler; No Train Air

Drawbar pull: 20,000# equal to a 9TM Trackmobile

An Economical answer to having to move railroad cars at an industry.  In Very Good condition and ready to work.  Especially useful in small industries where an economical car mover is needed.

A railcar moving machine, it is used to push and/or pull railcars within a plant area. It is equipped with four railwheels and four road wheels which allow the machine to travel on rail or road. The Model 9000 is equipped with two fully automatic couplers, one front and one rear, for coupling to two railcars at one time or for coupling to one railcar at either end.

Stanley HP-1 Hydraulic Power Pack

Stanley HP-1 power pack, easy to move and can power up to two tools and the same time.  A good machine with 392.3 hours on meter but needs a tune-up and battery.

Good for small jobs where a small or one man crew can do the work.  Easy to tranport in the back of a pickup truck or stored in a hi-railed crew truck.  A good little unit and priced to sell.