2018 Western Star 4700SB with Grapple for Lease!

2018 Western Star 4700SB, Engine DD13-470, Transmission RTO16908LL, Fr Axle 20,000 lbs, Fr Suspension 20,000 lbs, R Axle 46,000 lbs, R suspension 46,000 lbs air or Tuff-Trac, Dbl channel frame, 255″ wheel base, 192″ CT, Air, Cruise, Tilt. Equipment Options: 1) Rotobec Elite loader – Model MT26, 22′ boom with 3′ extension, 8,500 lb @ 10′; 2) Rotobec Horizon loader – Model MT26, 22′ boom with 4′ extension, 10,600 lb @ 10′; 3) Rotobec bypass & butt-type grapples; 4) 22’6″ tie and rail rack; 5) Underbody compartments; 6) Rail Gear DMF & Rafna; 6) Magnets – electric or hydraulic; 7) Creep drive system; 8) Train air. Other custom options available.

Mk-1 Switch Tamper

Canron Mk-I switch tamper just available. A good and proven machine, great for small touch up work and as a chase tamper. These are good and proven machines.

Rotobec 1/2 cord Clamshell Grapple

Rotobec ½ cord clam shell grapple with a RT222 rotator. An addition to your grapple trucks use. Rotobec a proven brand in Grapples and accesories.

2004 Shuttlewagon

2004 Shuttlewagon Model SWX415BE Cummins diesel Train air
Double couplers 5233 hours.
Takes the place of a locomotive and capable of moving off the track on it’s rubber wheels. Something you can quickly bring into service to move cars.
A proven car mover this machine is available at savings!

68 Asphalt Cars available.

68 Asphalt cars currently available. 23,500 gallons, exterior coiled and insulated.
built 1977 by Richmond Tank, 263k GWR
45 cars with current tank test dates, 20 cars needing tank tests.

Flat deck rail cars

Have a contractor in the North west looking for prices on one or two flat decks for a construction job. He would like some thing close to Washington.

9 TM TrackMobile car mover.

A proven car mover for the heavy work, a 9TM available now and at an excellent buyers price.
Excellent running condition; dual couplers; train air; sand displacement; Rebuilt Detroit 4-53. Hours: 4,685.

Fairmont W-113 Spike puller

A proven machine, reliable and hard working for pulling spikes from both side of a single rail. Great for small jobs, it can be reversed to go back over the same length of track and pull the spike from the other rail. This machine is priced to sell!

Pettibone 441-B Hi-railed Speed Swing

Pettibone 441-B

Pettibone 441-B Speedswing available Now at Savings. A proven machine for handling all kinds of items and equipment, this is a machine that has been kept in very good condition. Priced for immediate sale, call for some real savings