Tie Changer

Tie ChangerGeismar Tie Changer model MRT with Hatz diesel engine and hi-rail.

5 thoughts on “Tie Changer

  1. Interested in pricing on this unit

  2. Hello,

    it this machine still available and operates?

  3. Todd;
    I was able to do some checking and it is available and a good working machine. I tried checking the BNSF X number on it but couldn’t come up with a match. Checking now for any other photos and a price. Are you familar with the MRTs?
    Bob Young

  4. Sorry Todd, somehow your question got buried and just found it. The MRT is French made by Geismar and is usually powered by various brands of diesel engines. It extracts ties from only one side, has rail clamps, the drive stands at or sets on a jump seat at the right rear where he can see the operation. It has rubber tired wheels on one side to help move it off of the track at a crossing and can do up to 50 ties an hour at best conditions.
    It is located in California. If you would like to inspect it please let me know and I will get you directions.
    I have some additonal photos of it but will have to send them to you by email.
    Bob Young

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