Tie Inserter/Remover

Tie Inserter/RemoverTR-1 Tie Inserter/Remover with following TR-10 upgrades:

Replaced two small pulling cylinders with TR-10 single large cylinder with swivel/clamping head

Upgraded rail jacking system

One thought on “Tie Inserter/Remover

  1. Ray;
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The TR-1 with Tr-10 up grades is priced at $55,000.00 and located in North Carolina. The rotary 95 Ford L8000 is priced at $65,000.00 and located in Kentucky. The Mk-III with hydraulic heads and Jupiter system is $205,000.00 and also in Kentucky. The one you may have been asking about has been sold.
    Just to let you know also I have just recently taken back this company and am working on building it back up. I do have direct access to the equipment that the BNSF retires so can offer that at some major savings. Please keep my name, phone number and email address for direct contact.
    Bob Young

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